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Welcome to the virtual World of Juergen Morgenstern

This is my internet presence. I am 45 years old, married and we have two children (and a dog - of course)

This Website is not meant to be a "virtial mirror" of my life, but I want to share some - from my perspective - useful information mainly in the context of professional work, but also in the context of some of my hobbies.

Some of these infos are protected against "unfriendly" or "unwanted" access. So you may want to register and I will probably grant you access to sensitive data like my CV andother "personal" information.

However, most of the information I want to share is publicly available, so feel free to drill down and find out if there might be something of interest for you.

You will learn quickly that there is a clear focus here: Many of the content is around Information Technology (IT). This is where I spent most of my time during the last roughly 20 years, and I like to add that this is what I really like.

I have a Network Infrastructure Background, I was able to manage all the challenges to get the CCIE Status, more than 10 years ago and I am still an active Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. Over the past years my professional focus was more and more at the performance aspect of the network in the beginning, but now I try to get the big picture by adding the application side to this perspective as well. Hopefully you can see, I am convinced that Performance is not a hidden secret lying in the bits and pieces of networking.

I am convinced that in order to get really happy users, feeling absolutely happy with the performance of their system, the application, the network, the environment, the co-workers, etc. is a target, which is worth to invest a meaningful amount of my lifetime.